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Treasure Hauntings
     The first coinage was introduced to the Coast in the form of copper coins dated 1721.  Specimens have been found in the vicinity of the Bay of St. Louis.  A story goes that one of Jean Lafitte's pirates slipped away from the moorings at one of the Coast inlets and took off with some of the booty in order to bury the cache at DeLisle.  In carrying the hefty chest, he also took along his huge vicious dog which was left at the treasure site to perform guard duty.  The buccaneer, however, was killed while plundering for more treasures.  The dog continued his vigilance until dying of old age.  It is still told by many folks at DeLisle that the ghost of the dog lives on.  It has been reported to be seen beneath an old Oak tree on dark nights as it prowls and growls all night long at the banks of the Wolf river.

Two Cemeteries --- The Old and the New

The Old and the New Community Landmarks

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